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Man Left In 10-Day Coma After Assault In U.K. Club (Video)

A 19-year-old man from Devon, England, was recently handed a 16-month suspended jail sentence for punching a 29-year-old man in a club in March (video below).

Maxwell Banbury was at the Fever club with his girlfriend, Laura Hawksworth, on March 15 when he attacked Andrew Mason, the North Devon Journal reported.

The club’s surveillance footage shows Banbury approaching Mason before knocking him to the floor with one punch. He then returns to his table, picks up his drink, and leaves.

“I saw him feeling up my girl,” Banbury told the doormen as he left the club, according to the North Devon Journal.

“This was a totally unprovoked assault with no justification whatsoever,” said DC Phil Lawes, the officer investigating the case, according to another story in the Journal.

“The severity of this assault shockingly illustrates how a single punch can cause very serious injuries – and the consequences of this attack could have been much worse,” Lawes added.

Several patrons witnessed the assault, including a group of Royal Marines.

“Witnesses think the victim was unconscious when he hit the floor," Gordon Richings, the prosecuting lawyer, said, according to the NY Daily News. "He was bleeding from the ears and mouth."

Mason was taken to an intensive care unit at Derriford Hospital following the incident. He described his life seven months later as “a living nightmare” in a victim’s statement, and he still suffers neurological damage from the incident.

“It appears from CCTV that the whole incident took only six to eight seconds," Richings added. "Mr Mason suffered a fractured skull and internal bleeding."

The judge in the case agreed to suspend Banbury’s sentence because the assault was considered to be out of character.

“It was just like a total red mist. I just lost my rag,” Banbury told police in an interview.

The court also sentenced Banbury to 200 hours of community service and fined him about $1,500.

Sources: North Devon Journal(2), New York Daily News / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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