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Man Sentenced For Raping 20-Year-Old Woman Who Committed Suicide 5 Days Later

A U.K. man has been sentenced to 13 years in prison after sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman, who later committed suicide.

Ceri Linden, 20, had been diagnosed with “emotionally unstable personality disorder” after being raped at the age of 15, the Daily Mirror reported. She suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and struggled with suicidal thoughts.

One night, while out partying with her college friends, the group decided to catch a taxi to go to a nightclub in Broughton, Cheshire. Linden got into what she thought was a taxi and found herself in a terrifying predicament.

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The fake taxi driver, Masood Mansouri, 33, drove Linden to a residential area. Liden realized what was happening and quickly texted her friends for help.

Mansouri took Linden to his home in Saltney, Cheshire, ordered her upstairs, and began forcing himself on her, according to reports. Mansouri then raped Linden.

Linden reportedly ran out and hid behind a bush. She went home and told her mom what had happened to her.

Linden overdosed on her mother’s blood pressure pills five days later. Six months prior to her death, Linden had been hospitalized nine times for suicide attempts.

A jury of seven women and five men found Mansouri guilty by unanimous decision after hearing Linden’s police interview.

Never had a rape case been successfully prosecuted in England and Wales in which the evidence of the victim went unchallenged by cross-examination, the Daily Mirror reported.

In her police interview, Linden said:

“I woke up yesterday and realised [sic] what had happened and the seriousness of it hit me. I felt worthless and helpless and that I needed to tell someone. I don’t feel like this is something which someone should be able to get away with.”

Detective Inspector Clare Coleman commended Linden for sharing her story.

“This a brave lady, who found the courage to tell her story,” Coleman said. “Today the jury listened to her words and she has helped to ensure that a very dangerous man has been brought to justice.”

Mansouri was sentenced to 13 years in prison for kidnapping, sexual assault and rape.

During his sentencing, Judge Raj Shetty did not hold back. He told Mansouri that the “horrible rape exacerbated or shattered Ceri’s already fragile state of mind.

“Ceri Linden was 20 years of age. She was clearly a vulnerable person,” Judge Shetty added. “You saw her, stopped your car and she got in. She was in fear of what was going to happen next.

“You coldly and calmly told her where she needed to go," he continued. "You took her upstairs and proceeded to sexually assault and rape her.

“Later she took her own life, and her mother ‘watched her daughter’s life ebb away from her,’” the judge added. “What you have done is abducted a vulnerable young girl from the street by artifice.

“You have taken her to your house and satisfied your need that night to have sex," he concluded. "You have treated her with complete disdain and contempt.”

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The victim’s mother was left devastated by the incident.

“Losing her has left a hole in our hearts which can never be filled and a pain in our hearts which can never heal,” the mother said. “Ceri’s lovely little daughter Bethan will have to grow up without her beautiful mummy.”

Mansouri, who had been working in Britain for a decade, will qualify for deportation back to Iran after his prison sentence.

Sources: Daily Mirror, The Daily Post

Photo Credit: Daily Mirror


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