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Man Says His Penis Moved To Knees After Affair (Photos)

A Kenyan man's genitals have created quite a stir.

The man, whose name is unknown, claims his penis "magically" shifted from his crotch to knees after engaging in an extramarital affair with a married woman. The images were widely circulated online in Kenya.

Some now wonder whether the man was cursed by the woman's husband for his indiscretion, the Daily Mail reports.

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Adding to speculation is the fact his lover's husband hails from Luo, a Kenyan group that often tries to place curses on men who pursue their wives.

The man himself certainly thinks he has been cursed. Daily Post Kenya reports he has since begged his former lover for forgiveness in hopes she will lift his alleged curse.

Only days before, another Kenyan couple captured international attention after the man got his penis stuck inside his married lover, Metro reports.

Stuck together, they had to scream for help, alerting passersby to their awkward situation. 

The situation grew even stranger after local reports reveal the suspicious woman's husband had secretly given his wife a concoction made by a witch doctor to prove her guilt by getting her stuck.  

Only the witch doctor was able to free the pair. He made the woman's lover pay a fine firs as a lesson to others cheating on their partners. 

But it appears it's a lesson more in double standards than fidelity. Kenya's The Standard reports that while separation may result if a Kenyan woman is unfaithful, it's a whole different story when a Kenyan man cheats.

Some Kenyan woman say it is expected the man will have affairs.

“I have caught him severally and I no longer care anymore," says one woman who works in marketing. "I gave up spying on him, cheating just seems to be in his DNA. I have better things to do other than go out looking for a heartache."

Other women agree -- to an extent.

“I can stand him having flings with other women, as I have always suspected," said one businesswoman who goes by the pseudonym Winnie Mueni. "But what I can’t ignore is if I happen to know he has a full-blown affair with one woman in particular. Because that increases chances of him marrying such a woman as second wife."

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Post Kenya, Metro, The Standard / Photo credit: Matt at PEK/Wikimedia CommonsDaily Post Kenya

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