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Man Ruffles Feathers By Having Sex With Chicken

An unidentified man was recently given a three-month suspended sentence for sexually abusing a domesticated animal, a chicken, in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, France.

According to the French news site Normandie Actu, the man was caught by his wife and one of his daughters while engaging in a sex act with the bird, notes

The Sun reports that the 59-year-old man was first caught by his daughter in the garage, and she told her mother.

The mom/wife followed her husband on one of his trips to the family garage, and caught him with his pants down to his ankles and in a "stage of extreme excitement."

Prosecutors wanted the man to do time behind bars so that he "understood the gravity" of his crime, reports

The man's wife left him and, possibly worse, his goat and seven chickens were taken away by the authorities. He is not allowed to own any more pets.

The man's lawyer told the Le Parisien newspaper: "My client is obviously filled with shame and the couple has since separated." readers mocked the man in the comments section:

I hope the chicken was of age otherwise he'd be a pedofowl.

It was all a misunderstanding, they said they were going out to pick up chicks...

She had on her short, short feathers...the tramp.

Female, otherwise it would be a cockerel. Still, these days, could even be TransHender.

I would hate to see what his wife looks like.

Well, if an egg can come out, then something with the same diameter can go in, I suppose.

I imagine a face of horror seeing him do that :)

I bet whatever comes out of that egg will be smarter and more sane than McCain.

He was probably looking for an egg, a golden one perhaps.

No problem if they love each other...

Did they try to find if it was consented?

Well the national symbol of France is a rooster.

Thats it no more KFC for me.

And the award for Mr Abomination goes to....

Western culture right? Freedom of expression or some nonsense like that.

He was learning his place in the pecking order.

More immorality from the West. And they worry about Muslims??

My first thought is "how is that even possible" -- my second thought is to try and get the images popping into my head to go away.

She told her hen housemates he was a real cockadoodle do!

Sources:, The Sun / Photo credit: Mindaugas Urbonas/Wikimedia Commons

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