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Man Caught Roasting Dog Over Fire (Photos)

Man Caught Roasting Dog Over Fire (Photos) Promo Image

A man was caught on film roasting a live puppy over a fire so he could eat its meat. (Warning: The photos and article below are graphic.)

A colleague filmed the incident and later posted it to social media to show off, causing backlash from animal rights advocates, according to the Daily Mail. One woman who saw the video said that once the man was finished burning the puppy, he showed off the animal's remains -- including the fact that it had been decapitated.

The woman, who asked to remain unidentified, is a school teacher and is part of an online animal rights group. She was sent the video and said it has been circulating among different animal rights organizations.

The video shows a worker holding a puppy over a roaring fire with a string tied around its neck. The animal began to whine and struggle before it eventually died.

A number of animal rights advocates decided to track down the man in the video, hoping to confront him. After learning that he worked at a power supply station, the school teacher and others stormed the plant and demanded to know why he killed the animal.

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The man admitted he likes the taste of dog meat and that this was the second time he killed a dog in such a manner. He then apologized to the group of animal lovers, promising to never do it again.

Fights broke out during the confrontation and the police had to be called to break it up.

The incident took place in Jiangxi Province, China. 

China has a long tradition of eating dogs and dog meat is considered a delicacy in some areas in the country. Chinese tradition says that a dog is a "heating" meat and offers boosts of energy during the winter months, reports the BBC.

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Approximately 10 million dogs are slaughtered each year in the country and some researchers say many of the dogs were stolen from their owners. 

"The difficulty of large-scale breeding of dogs for food and the greed for profit give rise to stealing, snatching from the streets and even poisoning of dogs," according to a report from Animals Asia.

PETA Asia hopes that this story will move the Chinese government to pass legislation to protect livestock and pets.

"We hope that someone at the 19th National Congress of Communist Party might see this and call for a law to be passed today," PETA Asia Vice President Jason Baker told the Daily Mail.

Sources: Daily Mail, BBC / Featured Image: Matt Deavenport/Flickr / Embedded Images: PETA Asia via Daily Mail

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