Man Rescues Dogs From Asian Dog Meat Industry (Video)


Marc Ching owns a health food store for pets and a foundation that rehabilitates abused dogs in Los Angeles. He also travels overseas and risks his life to save canines from the Asian dog meat industry (video below).

Ching described to BuzzFeed Video how he has rescued more than 300 dogs from slaughterhouses in China, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, and South Korea.

Humane Society International spokeswoman Kelly O’Meara confirmed to BuzzFeed News that those countries, including Laos, play a large part in this brutal business.

"It is prevalent throughout these countries, and numbers consumed are directly related to human population size," O’Meara added. "So China would have the highest rate of consumption."

An estimated 30 million dogs are slaughtered annually in Asian countries, according to the Humane Society.

That staggering number dwarves the approximately 3.9 million dogs that enter animal shelters in the U.S. each year, according to the ASPCA website.

The dog meat industry follows an exceptionally cruel myth: dogs that are scared and tortured taste better.

"Many believe it and do participate in this horrific practice of torturing dogs before killing them," O’Meara stated. "We have seen much footage to show this still exists in many countries as methods of slaughter."

Ching told BuzzFeed Video that he goes to dog slaughterhouses under the ruse of being a rich American businessman who wants to import dog meat to the U.S.

While touring the slaughterhouses, Ching secretly films and takes photos of the sickening abuse. He then uses the videos to raise awareness.

Ching recalled witnessing dogs being strangled, burned and boiled alive, and having their feet cut off while alive.

Ching asks the slaughterhouses to give him dogs for free so that he can taste the meat for himself, but, of course, he is actually rescuing the pooches and bringing them home.

He recalled one trip to Cambodia where he watched a dog being dismembered by a slaughterhouse worker.

Ching became so upset that he kicked the worker in the face, which resulted in him being beaten so badly by other workers that Ching had to go to a hospital.

Ching hopes to raise awareness about the dog meat industry and put pressure on the governments to change this barbaric practice that sounds like something from the Dark Ages.


Sources: BuzzFeed News, ASPCA / Photo credit: BuzzFeedBlue/YouTube

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