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Man Reportedly Kills Three Of His Daughters While His Wife Is Out

After his wife left for a wedding with two of their daughters in a neighboring city, Irshad Muhammad reportedly strangled his other three daughters on June 7 in their village of Chak Jhumra, India.

Seven-year-old twins Eman Fatima and Chashman Fatima, and five-year-old Fiza were found dead in their bed with rope marks around their necks, according to investigating official Zaheer Ahmed. However, a report from The Nation claims that four daughters were killed.

Agence France-Presse reported that the mother found her murdered children the next day and Muhammad was nowhere to be found. Though it’s not clear if he has not been brought into custody, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has given police officers 48 hours to catch him.

District Coordination Officer Noorul Amin Mengal and City Police Officer Afzaal Kausar visited the family and said justice would be served. The mother will also receive 500,000 Rupees in financial assistance, or about $7,800. She will also be given a government job so she can support her family. 

It’s unclear why Muhammad allegedly killed his daughters, but police said he was taking anti-depressants.

Sources: The Nation, The Express Tribune Image via Tanti Ruwani/Flickr


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