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After Two Year Search, Man Finds Mysterious Cliffside 'Face' (Video)

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A “face” on the cliffside of an island in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve was rediscovered recently after a man spent two years tracking it down.

Hank Gus, a member of the aboriginal group Tseshaht First Nation, first heard about the “face in the rocks” of Reeks Island from a tourist who happened to kayak past it in 2008. After being told the story, Gus set out to find the reported face, ABC News reports.

“Gus and some Tseshaht beach keepers recently discovered it a few weeks ago, and they were very excited to share it with us and the archeologist we work with,” Parks Canada First Nations’ program manager Matthew Payne told ABC News yesterday. “We went out to see it recently, and it’s remarkable. It really is a face staring back at you.”

The face is estimated to be about seven feet tall and is similar to a carving on the Tseshaht administration office’s door. According to Payne, the Parks Canada department and the Tseshahts are working together to find out if any oral histories can link back to the cliff face.

Payne noted that the department would like to see the face close up, but that navigating the cliff can be dangerous.

“The island has a rocky shoreline with lots of hidden rocks, and it can be dangerous depending on sea conditions,” Payne said. “You need to know what you’re doing to go and look at it.”

Currently, the department is trying to figure out if the rock was man-made or if it developed naturally. 

Sources: ABC News, The Huffington Post

Photo Credit: ABC News Screenshot


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