'What's Your Excuse?': Disabled Man Confronts 'Able-Bodied' Driver Who Parked In Disabled Space (Video)


Video of a confrontation over a disabled parking space is attracting attention around the Internet after the man who recorded the incident posted it online. 

The Mirror reports the video (shown below) appears to have been shot somewhere in the United Kingdom and shows a man sitting in a Land Rover, talking on his phone and parked in a handicapped parking space in front of a retail store.

“Come on. What’s your excuse?” the man filming the episode can be heard saying. 

The man in the car looks out and makes an obscene gesture then goes back to talking on his phone.

“Too lazy to park in a normal parking space so he takes up a disabled bay,” the man recording says. “Self-entitled prick.”

As the man holding the camera lingers outside the Land Rover, the driver of the vehicle grows frustrated and eventually jumps out of his truck saying he doesn’t want the children with him being recorded. 

“I’ve got kids with me, get that camera away,” the clearly able-bodied man says as he appears to lunge for the camera. 

As the camera is jostled, it sounds as though a scuffle has begun and the recording cuts off. 

The video was reportedly posted to LiveLeak, although the link provided by the Mirror is broken as of this writing. 

The Mirror reports the man who recorded the video claimed to be disabled himself and said his attacker eventually had to be pulled off of him by employees in the nearby store. 

The event is reminiscent of a February incident, in Greenfield, Wisconsin, in which a 71-year-old woman was injured in an altercation over a handicapped parking space outside a Walmart. 

According to the Daily Mail, 32-year-old Kezia Perkins was charged with felony aggravated battery for allegedly attacking the elderly woman and knocking her to the ground, breaking the woman’s femur. 

Perkins’ lawyer later said that the argument happened over a “misunderstanding” because Perkins was using a disabled permit although “her disability is not immediately noticeable.”

That “led to confusion between the two women,” the lawyer said. 

Sources: MirrorYouTubeDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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