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Man Receives Lost Wallet After Losing It 14 Years Ago

A man in Croatia was completely surprised upon receiving a package containing a wallet he had misplaced 14 years ago.

According to reports, Ivica Jerkovic reportedly lost the wallet 14 years ago, either while he was at a friend’s party or when he drove a friend to the hospital. Originally, the wallet contained a little over $1,000, and when it was just recently returned, it had near $1,500 inside.

“First I thought that someone was joking with me so I went to check whether the money was real,” Jerkovic said.” It was the best greeting for Easter!”

Jerkovic says he believes the person who mailed him the wallet had found it all those years earlier and used the money inside to live off of because of financial problems.

“I believe that this money saved him and for years he was calculating how much he should return to me,” Jerkovic said. “Otherwise, I don't know why he would keep the wallet for all those years! I call on him to contact me. He is the best personal banker in Croatia.”

So far, the identity of the person who returned the wallet has not been confirmed.

Sources: ABS-CBN News, Daily Sabah / Photo Source: Daily Sabah, Wikimedia Commons


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