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Man Rapes Woman To Death, Exclaims 7 Words When Court Lets Him Free

Man Rapes Woman To Death, Exclaims 7 Words When Court Lets Him Free Promo Image

A Muslim refugee was able to get out jail after just two years, despite raping a woman to death, because his home country didn't want him.

Abdi Hakim, who sought asylum in Sweden after leaving his home country of Somalia, reportedly raped a young woman in a parking garage and left her to die. After the 2013 incident, Hakim was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison followed by immediate deportation and a 10-year ban from the country.

Despite the five-year sentence, Hakim ultimately ended up getting out of jail early and staying in Sweden when the Somalian government rejected his return. After getting out, he reportedly told police that he had "no job or social assistance" and would therefore continue to commit crimes.

By 2017, Hakim was back in court and faced 26 criminal charges including theft of property and larceny. He was sentenced, Mad World News reported, to just eight months in prison.

Many readers expressed shock over Hakim's continuous criminal behavior and the unwillingness on the part of his home country to take him back.

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"They claim religion, no social help, if their own countrys wont take them back once they have commited crimes. Stand them in the courthouse yard and shoot them right between their damn eyes. F their country dont want them. we should not have to have them lose on our soil," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"He doesn't deserve to live, if his own country won't take him back, and if Sweden can't keep him in prison, there seems to be one solution, get rid of him or give him to some one who thinks he belongs," another wrote.

"Why do the courts in Sweden allow this! This scum is raping and killing Swedish women and the Swedish courts allow this to go on ! They release these men to prey on more of their own citizens??? WTH is wrong with the Swedish Government??" another added.

Some felt that the Swedish government should be tougher on migrants and refugees who commit crimes.

"This is horrific and is becoming too commonplace in the Western nations. Wake up and enforce your laws. Remember, those that live by the sword, die by the sword. They are using all types of "swords" not just iron ones and governments and citizens need to stand up and stop these people permanently," one reader commented.

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