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Man Punches Kangaroo To Save Dog (Video)

A man was recently caught on video rescuing his dog from a kangaroo in Australia (video below).

The man, Greg, is seen jumping out of a vehicle and running toward his pet pooch, Max, who is trapped in a headlock by the kangaroo, notes

The footage, which aired on an unidentified Australian TV channel, includes a play-by-play narrator who says: "The big buck actually has hold of the dog, not the other way around. As Greg runs in, we realize this could get dangerous."

The kangaroo appears to jab the canine with its claws before Greg can get to his pet. The kangaroo releases the dog, and Greg goes into boxing mode.

"But the cranky buck comes forward, ready to attack," the narrator says in a slow-motion replay. "To save himself, [Greg] launches a right hand to the kangaroo’s snout. The punch swivels the 'roo's head and he throws his claws out to grapple and gouge. Then they eye each other off."

As Max and another dog run around nearby, the kangaroo decides to hop off and tend to his wounded pride.

Facebook user Steven Stubenrauch posted the video on Dec. 3 with the caption: "My buddy from Australia sent me this. Them roos are wild as hell."

The video has over 4 million views and more than 100,000 shares.

Slate noted in 2012 that if you are in a kangaroo fight, you should follow these tips:

Walk away sideways. Although the last recorded death came in 1936, there have been several kangaroo attacks in Australia in recent years, some resulting in serious injuries. (In many cases, kangaroos have attacked humans after a confrontation with their dogs.) The best defense is to keep a safe distance and try to create a barrier between yourself and the beast.

Even holding up a large tree branch can be helpful. If the kangaroo approaches, turn your body sideways, exposing a narrow profile to the animal and protecting your face and organs. Raise your hands and lean your head away from the animal to minimize the chances of being scratched across the face by the kangaroo’s nasty claws. Retreat, but do not turn your back and run. A kangaroo can easily chase you down, kicking as it hops.

Sources:, Steven Stubenrauch/FacebookSlate, ViralHog/YouTube / Photo credit: ViralHog/YouTube

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