Man Proudly Posts Pictures Of Bloodied Dog After Forcing It Into Illegal Dog Fights (Photo)


A man in India who posted pictures to Facebook proudly showing his dog bloodied and beaten following an illegal fight was identified after the story went viral.

The man, from Jhajjar, Haryana, India, sparked controversy when a screenshot of a post he shared on his Facebook page went viral. In the post was a picture of the man beside a bloody dog, with a caption that read, “Taaz after fight.”

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The photo, which is allegedly two months old, was originally shared on Internet forums like Reddit and soon began to spread worldwide throughout news agencies. It was subsequently revealed that the owner of the dog had been identified by Indian animal rights NGO People For Animals.

Though a criminal complaint has yet to be filed, People For Animals reportedly conducted an investigation and plans to involve authorities.

Sources: India Times, Reddit

Photo Credit: indiatimes.com


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