Man Pries His Penis Loose From Python's Jaws (Video)


Attaporn Boonmakchuay pried his penis loose from the jaws of a 10-foot python snake in Chachoengsao provence, Thailand, on May 25 (video below).

Boonmakchuay told reporters from his hospital bed that the snake came up through his pipes and locked its jaws on his member while he was sitting on the toilet seat; bloody bathroom pictures backed up his account of the harrowing ordeal, notes The Associated Press.

Boonmakchuay told Thailand's Sky News that he was able to remove the python from his penis with the help of his wife and an unidentified neighbor.

The helpful neighbor brought over a knife and rope to remove the snake.

The wife tied the rope around the python and the 38-year-old Boonmakchuay was able to open the snake's powerful jaws.

"All of a sudden, while I was holding it, it began to lose some strength so I used my hand to pry open its mouth," Boonmakchuay recalled from his hospital bed. "Then the snake released its grip by itself."

Boonmakchuay passed out after the half-an-hour struggle and suffered a three-inch wound to his penis, which required stitches at a local hospital.

"[Boonmakchuay] has a really good attitude ... even though his own wife and children were in shock," Dr. Chutima Pincharoen stated, reports the Associated Press. "He's been smiling and giving interviews all day from his bed."

First responders took apart the toilet with the snake still inside it. The reptile was later released in the wild, an emergency worker reportedly told the Thai Rath newspaper.

According to Sky News, big snakes are actually common in Thailand, even in cities. The snakes often leave flooded parts of the country for dry cities during floods.

An unidentified doctor described Boonmakchuay as "lucky," and added: "If the bite had gone into the urinary tract it would have been a big problem."

Sources: The Associated Press, Sky News, Photo Credit: XOxu TV/YouTube

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