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Man May Be Caned After Scuffle With Airport Police (Video)

A man was recently filmed getting into a scuffle with police at the Singapore Changi Airport (video below).

Ben Bonifant filmed the incident, and uploaded the video to his YouTube page with a description on May 6: "Whilst separated from my girlfriend at Changi airport trying to locate her stolen passport, police officers got a rude awakening when this bloke decides to pick a fight with them and resists arrest...oh and he loses his shoe."

In the video, two cops are talking to the man, who appears to be wearing headphones and dancing. The police tell him to turn the headphones off, but he continues to gyrate and pushes the cops away.

The man repeatedly tells the police not to touch him, calls one of the cops a "f***head" and insists that they "f*** off."

A struggle breaks out between the police and the man, who pushes one officer to the ground and fights the other.

Later in the video, more police and security guards come to the scene and take the man down.

The man, identified as Jason Peter Darragh, has been charged with 11 crimes and faces a possible caning, reports The Straits Times.

Darragh, who is reportedly Australian, was charged with two counts of using criminal force on police officers, three counts of using vulgar language on the cops, two counts of causing annoyance to others while drunk in public, and one count (each) of committing mischief, assaulting a police officer, using abusive words on a man, being drunk and incapable of taking care of himself in a public place.

During a court date on May 13, it was revealed that Darragh had possibly broken the law multiple times during drunken sprees between April 20 and May 1.

YouTube commenters noted that the police did not become violent:

American police should give these guys some lessons on how to properly use police brutality.

Wow. Singapore police really show restraint. This guy would have been shot if he pulled this s*** in the US. But then again, US cops are much larger and will be able to subdue him more easily.

In case people are wondering, there was no need for the Police Officers to escalate the conflict. The man was not armed, and not a threat to anyone. What they did was to follow SOP, keeping him occupied until back up arrives, and use a 5 man clamp to take him down without injury to any party involved. This isn't weakness. This is professionalism. Maybe the rest of the world haven't seen that for such a long time that you forgot what it looks like and [mistake] it for weakness.

Sources: Ben Bonifant/YouTube, The Straits Times / Photo credit: Huaiwei/Wikimedia Commons

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