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Man Interrupts His Own Funeral In Zimbabwe

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A Reddit user explained how he had interrupted his own funeral after apparently surviving a vicious attack from a thug.  

On Reddit, the man known only as Kingvim explained that the unusual incident occurred while he was living in Zimbabwe a few years ago.

The man had gone to visit his aunt in a village about 250 miles from his residence. However, he had picked up a hitchhiker on the way. After a few minutes of conversation, the man asked Kingvim to pull over because he had become nauseous.

The hitchhiker began to make hurling noises. When Kingvim got out to check on the man, the hitchhiker attacked him. The attacker stole Kingvim’s phone, wallet, keys and car.

“Eventually I came across a settlement. I explained to them my situation and they told me where the nearest main road was,” Kingvim wrote. “Eventually I came across a road and started waiting.”

A few hours later, Kingvim managed to hitch a ride with another driver.

"I let him know the situation and he says we’re going in the complete opposite direction of my intended destination but he’s willing to drop me anyway,” Kingvim wrote.

Two days later, Kingvim finally arrived at his aunt’s village. However, he began to hear strange singing and saw a loud crowd as he neared his aunt’s home. He also saw his son in the crowd.

Apparently, Kingvim’s son ran screaming when he saw his father. His wife kissed him as if he’d “been gone for months” and his aunt fainted.

Kingvim had unknowingly walked into his own funeral.

Finally, his family explained that the man who had robbed him had been in a car accident. The crash was so brutal that the man’s body was nearly unidentifiable. It was assumed that Kingvim had died because the man had Kingvim’s belongings on his person.

According to the Reddit user, his son still has nightmares from the experience.

Sources: Mirror, DailyMail

Photo Credit: Flickr 


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