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Man Gets Unexpected Response After Waiting By His Comatose Girlfriend's Bed For 70 Days

Boyfriends everywhere will have a hard time measuring up to Chen Ben. After his girlfriend Fu Ju was in a serious car accident in northern China, he waited by her bed for 70 days before she regained consciousness. 

"On the day she woke up from her coma and started to speak, her mom and I were very excited,” Chen told Tencent News. But he didn't get the response he hoped for. 

"She said: 'Why did you save me? You shouldn't look after me. I don't want to get married, don't want to be a burden!" 

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Despite the chilly reception, the couple is still together, Shanghaiist reported. 

Fu is now undergoing rehabilitation and started walking recently, South China Morning Post reported. Chen said his girlfriend was “stubborn,” but that he and his mother will continue to help her recover.

Chen and Fu plan to marry eventually.

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Sources: Shanghaiist, South China Morning Post / Photo credit: Weibo via Shanghaiist


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