Man Gets Four-Year Sentence For Fighting Home Invasion


A 35-year-old homeowner from Hyvinkaa, Finland, was sentenced to four years and two months in prison for fighting off three intruders who attempted a home invasion in April.

The homeowner must also pay the intruders, who got shorter prison sentences, $23,000 in damages, notes RT.

The intruders -- two men and one woman -- reportedly entered the man's house with baseball bats and a gun, but the homeowner made it to his kitchen and grabbed a knife and fight off the criminals.

According to Helsinki news, the homeowner was convicted of "excessive self-defense and attempted manslaughter" after a nearly four-month court case.

It's not clear how badly the intruders were injured by the man, whom they outnumbered, but no one died.

The three thieves were convicted of felony home invasion and assault, but got 14-month conditional sentences, which are like probation or being under house arrest.

The intruders only have to pay the homeowner $3,300 combined, which means they will come out ahead financially.

In another type of crime, some seniors are engaging in public sex parties in London, reports RT.

The public sex, or "dogging," is taking place in the Croydon area of the city.

Constable Barry Swift told the Croydon Guardian:

Both car parks are being used. One side is specifically [for] gays and bisexuals and the other side is for straights. It’s been going on for years.

The people who are coming in [to] take part in sexual activities are not just youngsters --  we are looking at pensioners, which is quite surprising.

They are committing offenses, the place is littered with dirty condoms and tissues so it is really advertising that people are turning a blind eye to it. If you’re going through the park with your kids and one of your children falls over in those tissues it is not very nice.

Swift says sexual assaults have been reported near the public sex areas, and some folks are recoding the sex for the web.

Sources: RT (2) / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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