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Man Forced To Walk Naked Through Mexican Town (Video)

A man was recently forced to walk naked through Progreso de Obregon, Mexico, for allegedly looting a department store on Jan. 3 (video below).

A group of vigilantes chased about 100 looters away from the store, but this unlucky suspect was apprehended by the mob. According to the Excelsior news site, the man was stripped of his clothes, beaten and then forced to parade through the town, notes Fusion.

As the man walked down the street, he was followed by a large group of citizens on foot, on bicycle and on motorcycle, while other people watched from the sidewalk, many using their phones to record the scene.

Looting and protests have erupted in several Mexican states in response to the Mexican government's changes in gas sales.

These changes are part of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto's energy reform plan to allow other countries to sell gas in the country for the first time in 80 years.

To accommodate this upcoming free market, the Mexican government is removing price controls and subsidies, which means gas prices are surging by 15 to 20 percent.

The Mexican state of Veracruz has offered $20,000 for citizens to report others who have been rioting and looting. Mexico’s Ministry of the Interior says that 250 looters have been arrested.

However, some people are suggesting the looting is part of a Mexican government conspiracy.

Famous Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro tweeted: "Maybe the looting is being organized as an excuse to militarize our streets."

Fusion notes that hundreds of people protested the gas price hikes by looting, stealing from gas stations and blocking roads.

The chaos has caused some gas stations to close down. The head of one gas station chain said that he would close down any of his 800 stations if they are threatened with violence.

Some department stores have closed down before Dia de Reyes, a traditional Hispanic religious holiday that celebrates the three kings bringing presents for the baby Jesus, on Jan. 6. 

Parents usually buy toys for their children for the holiday.

Sources: Fusion (2) / Photo Credit: YouTube

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