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Man Finds His Unwelcome Feathered Roommate Left An Egg In The Frying Pan (Video)

Stian Fjelldal recently discovered a new resident had joined him in is Oslo, Norway, home.

Fjelldal found his new flying roommate’s feathers and excrement all over the walls and floors before he found the bird hiding in a corner, Metro reports.

“It was of course terrified when it saw me and started flapping around in the kitchen,” he told Metro. “It was chaos and a lot of feathers. My first thought was to get it out.

“As I have had doves inside before, I thought this time I’ll document this," he added (video shown below).

Unlike most of Fjelldal’s previous tenants, the pigeon left an egg in the frying pan. Instead of taking the easy meal, Fjelldal is keeping the egg and said he might take it to his workplace - the Norwegian Environment Agency.

“We can take some samples. We may find traces of pollutants, in that way the egg will come to some use,” he said.

Sources: Metro, YouTube

Image via Metro


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