Man Finds Abandoned Baby Girl On His Way To Work, Plans To Adopt Her (Video)

A man was stunned when he came across an abandoned baby on his way to work, and now, after uploading viral video (below) of the baby online, he’s announced his plans to adopt the little girl.

Raul Marin Ceja says he was on his way to work in Mexico's Jalisco state when he noticed something strange on the ground near a canal, reports The Independent. Upon further examination, he was shocked to discover a baby girl swaddled in a blanket in a spot near a canal.

After taking some photos and video of the baby, Cejas called emergency services, which promptly rushed the infant to a nearby hospital for treatment. Reports say that the baby is expected to make a full recovery, and while there is no information about the child’s mother, Cejas says he is beginning the process of adoption, according to My Fox Chicago.

“(She is) a gift from God,” Cejas said.

Cejas originally uploaded the clip of the baby to Facebook but has since removed it.

Sources: My Fox Chicago, The Independent

Photo Source: My Fox Chicago


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