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Man Evicted After Baking His Own Poop Into Pastry And Eating It

A U.K. man was reportedly evicted from his apartment after his roommate discovered he had filled a pastry with his own poop and eaten it.

Metro reports the unidentified man was living in affordable housing with a roommate when the incident occurred.

The roommate reportedly had been having issues with the man before the pasty was discovered, but nothing led her to believe the man could do something so horrifying. A Cornish pasty is a traditional British pie, and the pastry shell is usually stuffed with meat, onions and potatoes.

The roommate explained that most nights, she had to sleep at a friend’s place because she was so disturbed by his behavior.

“He moved in and it was all fine for a month. He was smoking weed in the house but that was the only problem we had,” the roommate recalled. “He was leaving one day and there was an awful smell in the kitchen so I went in and checked it out. I checked in the (trash can) and I opened the oven because he had put some food in there and you could see a pasty filled with poo. I was horrified. I just puked up. I was heaving.”

When she confronted the man about the pasty, he reportedly told her it was his “magic sauce.”

“It was definitely poo. He took it out and he ate it,” the woman said. “How could we be expected to cook in that kitchen after that?”

The housing company issued an apology to the woman and said in a statement that it was handling the man in question.

Just last month, a South Carolina student was caught on a hidden camera set up by her roommates doing something equally as disturbing to food in their refrigerator, reported The Washington Post. Hayley King, 22, was reportedly caught spitting and spraying glass cleaner in her roommates’ food. If convicted, she could face jail time for the act.

Sources: Metro, The Washington Post

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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