Man Eats World's Spiciest Noodles, Goes Deaf (Video)

YouTube celeb Ben Ten recently tried the world's spiciest noodle dish at the Warung Abang Adek restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia, and uploaded a video (below) of the painful experience on Aug. 22.

According to Coconuts Jarkata, the restaurant is famous for its Indomie "pedas mampus" noodles, which the website translates as "death spicy."

Ten goes into the restaurant with some friends, and expresses some anxiety while his meal is prepared with 100 bird's-eye chili peppers ground up in the noodles.

Australian Geographic says bird's-eye peppers are popular in Southeast Asia, and register up to 100,000 on the Scoville scale of chili heat.

While there are hotter chili peppers in the world, First We Feast notes that with 100 bird's-eye chilies, this Indomie dish is one of the "hottest bowls of noodles on the planet."

"It's not edible, man," one Ten's buddies, who tries his own scorching bowl, states. "Not fricking edible. So hot. This is not for human, man."

Undeterred, Ten keeps eating his noodles.

Ten soon feels the effects, starts sweating, takes his shirt off, stands up, tries using ice and grabs some bubble tea to ease the burning, reports First We Feast.

He soon grabs a second tea, and sucks down two drinks at the same time.

Ten keeps downing tea, but adds, "It's not stopping dude!"

"No, dude, this sucks, man," Ten states. "The shi-------- feeling in the world, man."

In an alarming moment, Ten appears to lose his hearing temporarily: "I can't hear anything man, I'm f------ deaf."

Ten later puts his head under the faucet in a sink in an effort to cool down.

After finally returning to normal, Ten warns his buddies and viewers not to eat the noodles.

The agony paid off in YouTube views, as the video has more than 800,000 views in eight days on Ten's Awesome Eats channel.

WARNING: Strong language.

Sources: Coconuts Jarkata, Australian GeographicFirst We Feast / Photo credit: Awesome Eats/YouTube

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