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'Only Her Head Was Visible': Dog Buried Alive Rescued By Man In France (Photo)

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The Internet was furious after images of a dog found buried alive surfaced.

 In the photos, a French mastiff can be seen covered in dirt and buried with her entire body in the ground.

As Pedro Dinis walked his own dog down the street in Carrieres-sur-Seine, France, a town west of Paris, he came across the dog buried in the ground. He quickly went to work unearthing her, according to Yahoo.

Dinis then uploaded pictures of the dog to Facebook and explained the situation.

“Only her head was visible and it was difficult to see given the amount of earth covering her,” Dinis wrote.

As Dinis dug up the dog, his own pet joined in and used its paws to dig.

After rescuing the dog, Dinis found that it had been tied to a rope, which was attached to a sack filled with gravel. Apparently, whoever had buried the dog also had the intention of killing it.

When Dinis rescued the dog, it was clearly distressed and dehydrated. Dinis offered the dog a drink before it was taken to an animal hospital to recover.

“Why do this to an innocent dog,” Lim Ai Yim, a Twitter user, wrote. “Where is your compassion and human kindness.”

Police were quick to investigate into the case and discovered the dog’s owner. The 21-year-old owner claimed that the dog had run away and that he hadn’t actually buried her – however, it became obvious that his story wasn’t true when one source revealed that the dog had arthritis, which would have made it difficult for the dog to run.

The owner could face up to two years in prison and pay a fine of $31,000 if he is charged with animal cruelty.

Currently, an online petition is circulating demanding the maximum sentence for the dog’s owner. It has received over 135,000 signatures. 

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Sources: Inquisitr, Yahoo

Photo Credit: Yahoo


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