Man Dies After Trying To Escape Angry Soccer Fans (Video)


Emanuel Balbo, a fan of Argentina's Club Atletico Belgrano team, was allegedly chased to his death by his fellow fans at Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium in Cordoba, Spain, on April 15 (video below).

Emanuel's father, Raul, told Argentinean TV that Emanuel had argued with Oscar Gomez, whom Emanuel accused of causing his brother's death in a 2012 car accident, notes the Daily Mail:

Instead of him [Gomez] defending himself, he only incited violence with all the friends he had there assaulting my son. They began to beat him and do what they did to him. Gomez called all the friends and said: "Hit him, he is a fan of Talleres."

Belgrano fans hit Emanuel, thinking he was a fan of rival team, Talleres, and chased him down some steps until he reached a railing. As he tried to climb over the railing, he was instead pushed over it by some of the Belgrano fans, notes The Independent.

After plummeting 17 feet to the ground below, Emanuel was taken to hospital. He was pronounced brain dead on April 17.

The Argentine Football Association "expressed great sadness" over Emanuel's death, and called for justice against the people responsible for this "inconceivable assault."

Four suspects have been arrested.

Public prosecutor Liliana Sanchez wants them to be charged with aggravated homicide.

The Belgrano team issued a statement on Emanuel's death, notes RT:

Belgrano Club deeply regrets the death of Emanuel Balbo and, as the institution that organized the event in which the incident happened, emphasizes its predisposition to the cause in the corresponding area: Justice.

On a very sad day for the whole Celeste family, Belgrano again calls for reflection and brings peace to his community on institutional involvement so that justice is done by Emanuel.

Here it is not a question of giving effective speeches, but of acting in depth in the corresponding field.

That is the real and true commitment of this Club. Our condolences to family and friends.

ABC Deportes, a Spanish news outlet, reported that Gomez turned himself into police on April 18, reports the Daily Mail.

Emanuel is the 317th person to die during an Argentine match since 1922, per statistics from the NGO Salvemos al Futbol.

Let's Save Football, an activist organization, asserts that since 2013 more than 40 people have been killed due to soccer-related violent incidents in the country.

To help the stop the violence, the league in Argentina has banned traveling to rival team matches. Because this match was in Spain, it was outside the authority of the Argentinean league.

Sources: Daily MailThe Independent, RT / Photo credit: Joscarfas/Flickr

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