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Man Uses Samurai Sword To Fend Off 4 Burglars (Photos)

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An Argentinean man defended his home by hacking four burglars with a Samurai sword.

The homeowner, 49-year-old Dias Costa, was asleep alongside his wife, Christina, when the four men broke into his house. That’s when he took action.

“In a moment when the attackers were not paying attention, the house owner took a samurai sword and defended himself, injuring the attackers and making them run away,” Police commissioner Mariano Zarate said, according to Boston Newstime.

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Costa reportedly slashed the intruders’ faces, arms and necks before they ran away covered in blood. The burglars got into a car and began to drive away with the equivalent of $408 stolen from the home before the driver lost control and crashed into a car in front of them. All four suspects were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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While two men and one woman were initially arrested for the crime, another man who hid inside the house was arrested the following day. The Costa family left their home following the incident and moved in with family members out of fear that they would be targeted in revenge attacks.

“We could not yet question the victim of the burglary as he is still in a state of shock,” prosecutor Jorgelina Guties said, MailOnline reports.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Boston Newstime

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