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Man Declared Dead Begins Snoring Before Autopsy

Man Declared Dead Begins Snoring Before Autopsy Promo Image

An inmate declared dead by doctors began snoring while waiting for an autopsy. Now, his family is demanding he be released from prison.

According to Inside Edition, three different doctors declared 29-year-old Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez dead after he was found unresponsive in his cell.

Guards assumed Jimenez was dead after they found him in his cell and he was taken to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy.

The inmate's body was marked for an autopsy and he was left inside a body bag on the table for about four hours when the coroner's staff heard the sound of his snoring coming from the bag.

His family said he was "ready to be opened up" when staff discovered he was still alive.

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Jimenez was taken to a nearby hospital, where he is currently under observation in intensive care.

The day after Jimenez woke up, he asked about his wife, which doctors said was a good sign he did not suffer any brain damage.

Family members revealed that Jimenez attempted to take his own life by taking an overdose of barbiturates, according to The Telegraph. He reportedly accused prison authorities in Spain of failing to control his access to medication.

Jimenez was reportedly taking anti-epileptic drugs and relatives said he may have been taking medication for anxiety as well, but the specific medicines have not been confirmed.

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Jimenez's uncle, Luis Manuel Montoya, said medication is given to prisoners whenever they want it.

The family demanded Jimenez be released from prison immediately and said that they would be seeking his release as compensation for what they described as negligence. Jimenez is serving a sentence for stealing scrap metal and has seven months of his sentence remaining.

"We don't want him to go back to jail," Luis Manuel said. "If he goes in, he will come out as a body. He is young, he is 29 years old and has his whole life ahead of him. He has been in jail three years and he couldn't go on anymore."

Jimenez's father, Jose Carlos Montoya, said that his son attempted to hang himself in his cell seven months ago.

"It's clear that in the jail they do not supervise him nor treat him well," the father said, adding that Jimenez was given "pills for his nerves, but it was not enough."

Relatives questioned whether Jimenez was properly examined by all three doctors who pronounced him dead. They suggested that perhaps the first certificate was approved by the second and third physicians without them looking at Jimenez.

Sources: Inside Edition, The Telegraph / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Ralf Roletschek/Wikimedia Commons, Meesh/Flickr

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