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Man Crashes Car Into Airport While Fleeing Police (Video)

A man was filmed crashing his car into the Kazan International Airport in Russia while reportedly fleeing the police Dec. 21 (video below).

According to, the 40-year-old driver was intoxicated at the time, which may explain why it took him four tries to drive through the airport doors.

In the video, police officers are seen running outside the car, trying to open the doors of the vehicle. The driver reverses the vehicle and rams a police car where an officer's dash cam is filming the chaos.

The driver eventually crashes through the airport door, and the police are hot on his tail as he maneuvers inside the terminal.

The video ends, but the driver reportedly damaged a water pipe in the terminal, which caused a flood in the building. The total damage was estimated to be about $100,000.

The Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta (translated by The Moscow Times) reports that the man drove through the airport, and came out the other side where police finally captured him.

The airport tweeted that no one was injured, but reports that some officers were hurt.

The Kazansky Reporter notes that the driver may have been Ruslan Nurtdinov, a man who heads a private detective agency, but police have not confirmed this.

According to, the driver was sentenced to 15 days in jail, and two more criminal cases were opened against him for allegedly endangering the lives of officers and intentionally destroying property.

Another dash cam video has surfaced that shows the moments right before the Christmas market attack in Berlin, Germany, on Dec. 19, reports

The driver, who accidentally filmed the footage, told the German newspaper Bild: "Just a few seconds after the truck had driven to the Christmas market, the first people were already screaming at me."

"I immediately turned around when I saw the truck [standing] there. I realized that something terrible [had] happened," the driver added.

Sources: (2), The Moscow Times / Photo credit: RT/YouTube

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