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Man Convicted Of Having Sex With Horses For Second Time Sentenced To Counseling

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An Australian man was ordered to undergo counseling after being convicted for a second time of having sex with horses.

Noel Mitchell, a 67-year-old farmer from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, was previously convicted of bestiality in 2013 and released on a community correction order. In January of 2014, Mitchell was spotted naked on his farm, engaging in sexual acts with a horse. In March, a neighbor filmed Mitchell again attempting to have sex with a horse on his farm. 

In court on Tuesday, Judge Lance Pilgrim called the fact that Mitchell was not ordered counseling after his first incident an “appalling lapse.”

“It's highly likely if he had have gotten the services he's getting now he might not have reoffended,” Pilgrim said. “I’m disappointed Corrections made no directions for counselling [sic] of any kind.”

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Defense attorney Amanda Hurst said in court that Mitchell was “embarrassed” by his actions, and issued an apology to his estranged wife.

Mitchell, who reportedly suffers from autism, pleaded guilty to two charges of bestiality. He was sentenced to counseling as well as 100 hours of community service.

Sources: The Age, Daily Mirror

Photo Credit: The AgeDaily Mirror


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