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Man Climbs Into Bear Enclosure At Zoo, Punches Bear Before Fleeing (Photos)

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Law enforcement officials in Poland are on the lookout for a man who jumped into a bear enclosure at the Warsaw Zoo on Sunday.

Witnesses were able to capture the man’s stunt on camera as he reportedly climbed over the fence surrounding the enclosure and approached a female bear, Fox News reports.

The animal then grabbed the man's arm with her mouth, and in response, the man punched and beat the animal until she let go. He then fled the scene.

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Maria Krakowiak, head of the animals of prey section at the zoo, told reporters on Thursday that the man has not been found.

Traces of the man’s blood were discovered outside of the enclosure as well as a bracelet that police suspect belonged to him. No hospitals have reported treating him and he did not appear to be “badly hurt," the Daily Mail reports.

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According to Krakowiak, the man was lucky as what he did was “very dangerous” and “could have ended much worse.”

“The enclosure is heavily ringed off,” she said, “and no one in their right mind would try and get in there. What his thinking was, we have no idea. He survived but we don’t know where he went.

“Sabina is the bear this man approached and he’s lucky because she is generally friendly,” she continued. “Perhaps that’s why he survived — because she is more familiar with people. If it had been one of the others the story would probably be different.”

The witness who photographed the incident suspected the man might have been drunk or high at the time due to his behavior.

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Source: The Daily Mail, FOX

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail


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