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Man Get Hits By Train While Taking Selfie (Video)

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One man in India is alive despite being hit by a train while trying to take a selfie in front of it on Jan. 21 (video below).

In the selfie video, one can see 21-year-old Subhash alias Shiva holding his finger up in an attempt to touch the incoming train while posing, reports India Today.

As the train comes closer, we can hear Shiva being warned to move away by a friend. On top of that, the train's horn can be heard loudly, yet Shiva doesn't move.

"Wait just one minute!" Shiva replies in his native language, before continuing to shoot the selfie video on the railway tracks.

One more deafening horn blast can be heard before impact.

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"He did not realize the danger he was in and ignored the furious honking by the loco pilot who tried to warn him off," explains Officer Dasya Naik, The Indian Express reports. "The train hit him and he was thrown away from the track."

Shiva suffered serious injuries and is currently being treated in a hospital, but it is believed he will survive.

"He received serious injuries on right hand, head and chest, but is out of danger now," said Naik.

After he leaves the hospital, Shiva will reportedly also face punishment for the near-fatal selfie: the Railway Police Force has registered a trespassing against him.

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Unfortunately, it's just one of the many times somebody has attempted to take a selfie in front of a train and found themselves in a hospital.

In December 2017, a 16-year-old girl in Indonesia survived serious head injuries after posing for a selfie in front of a train, reports the Daily Mail.

Upon impact, Ely Hayati's skull was said to be cracked open. It is not clear whether she will suffer any long-term brain damage.

Only seven months earlier, another man in Illinois also suffered critical injuries after possibly taking a selfie in front of a train as well, reports The State Journal-Register.

Witnesses said the 33-year-old man was holding his phone up in the hair in front of the approaching Amtrak train.

"He appeared to be doing a selfie or something to that effect," Lt. Bill Neale of the Springfield Police Department said. "As he put his arm down, it appears it came into contact with the engine. That spun him around, and he fell down and went underneath one of the cars."

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