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Watch: 'Pedophile Hunter' Nabs Man On His Way To See 13-Year-Old Girl (Video)

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A U.K. man who intended to engage in sexual activities with a minor was found guilty after a video surfaced (shown below) of him being chased by an amateur “pedophile hunter,” according to the Birmingham Mail.

Pervez Akhtar, 57, pleaded guilty at the Warwick Crown Court to attempting to engage in sexual relations with a 13-year-old-girl after allegedly meeting her on the Internet. His criminal intent came to light after a video by a vigilante known as Stinson Hunter surfaced.

Akhtar is married and a father of 6.

According to prosecutor Michelle Heeley, Hunter “attempts to entrap people he believes are paedophiles [sic] over the internet.” To catch Akhtar, Hunter created an online profile for a fake 13-year-old girl named Jodie who got into contact with Akhtar. The father of 6 then reportedly told "her" that she was pretty and requested photos of her “in the flesh,” according to the news site. He then planned to meet up with her.

“Let me know when is good for you,” Akhtar said. “I am in Birmingham. I can come to you whenever you say.”

After some more coercion in which Akhtar said that he would bring the minor a bottle of wine and “a few pornos,” “Jodie” gave her address and they planned to meet the next day. When Akhtar showed up, however, a car pulled up with Hunter and two other vigilantes.

In a video (shown below) captured by his associate, Hunter can be seen approaching Akhtar’s vehicle.

“Stop your car, stop your car,” Hunter says in the video. “Wind your window down, wind your window down.”

The car then can be seen reversing as Hunter pursues it. As it begins to speed away, the camera catches a glimpse of Hunter on the windshield.

Eventually Hunter is thrown off of the vehicle and Akhtar flees the scene in the vehicle.

Hunter suffered from a fractured heel as well as injuries to other bones in his foot. He spent seven days in the hospital and was confined to a wheelchair for two weeks.

Akhtar was eventually tried and found guilty of intent to meet with a minor for sexual activity. He did not plead guilty to causing serious injury to Hunter. However, he did admit to careless driving.

Akhtar was then jailed for 15 months and banned from driving for three years. He has been ordered to register as a sex offender for 10 years and “made subject to sexual harm prevention order," according to the Birmingham Mail.

The defense lawyer, Harpreet Sandu, requested that the judge suspend Akhtar’s sentence, saying that there was no actual victim in the case.

Judge Andrew Lockhart QC disagreed with this, saying, “This is an attempt, and no child was actually placed in a position of risk – but that is something you did not know at the time, and you encourage Jodie to recruit others to what was going on.”

He continued: “I have been urged to consider whether I can say the sentence of imprisonment can be suspended. I’m afraid I cannot.”

Source: The Daily Mail, The Birmingham Mail

Photo Credit: The Birmingham Mail


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