Man Uses Stroller As Sidecar Of Moving Vehicle (Video)


A Russian man holding on to a baby stroller from inside a moving vehicle was recorded by a pedestrian from the sidewalk of a busy highway (video below).

The recording was shared on YouTube by the New York Post. It shows a blue car driving in the snow down a four-lane highway with a male passenger leaning out the window holding on to a green baby stroller with one arm. The stroller is moving alongside the car as it makes its way down the busy street.

It is unknown whether a baby was inside the stroller.

The news outlet posted a link to the video on Facebook, and received colorful commentary.

  • "That's some first class laziness right there. Didn't he know they fold up so they'll go in the car?? If there was a baby in there, it's just further proof some people just don't need to contribute to the gene pool," one comment read.
  • "If stupidity were a crime, half the human race would be hanged at every crossroad," another user posted.
  • "If it gets smashed up is it covered under the car insurance?" a comment reads.
  • "The stroller was stolen, that's for sure. They've had no time to drop it into the trunk," a user wrote.
  • "Good to see he put the hood up on the stroller so the child doesn't get hit by any debris," another comment says.
  • "The latest idiot in the news," another user wrote.

Some commentators think the video was probably staged.

"Please, the shocked pedestrian just happened to have the camera pointed at the car when it came into view. .I guess if it's on the Internet it must be true. Nobody makes fake videos just to get views....," one person wrote.

"More Russian fake news," another user said.

According to the New York Post, the vehicle was pulled over by police farther down the road.

The news outlet does not provide information on how the recording was obtained, but Ruptly, an international videos news agency headquartered in Berlin, Germany, does share title credit with it on the video.

Sources: New York Post/Facebook, New York Post/YouTube / Photo credit: Micah Sittig/Flickr

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