Man Caught On Camera Smashing Bride's Head Into Pavement, Shooting Her In The Face

Milton Vieira Severiano, 32, was only married to Cicera Alves de Sena, 29, for four days before he brutally murdered her in the garden of their Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, apartment. CCTV recorded Severiano smashing his wife’s head into the concrete paving 11 times before punching her in the face 10 times. He then retrieves a handgun and shoots her in the face five times at point-blank range. He later admitted to killing Alves de Sena, a funk dancer who went by the stage name Amanda Bueno, “because he was jealous of men looking at her,” the Daily Mail reported.

The couple’s neighbor, Lelio Maya Puga, 33, overheard the argument that preceded Alves de Sena’s murder.

“She belonged to a dance group called Jaula das Gostozuedas which I have been to see and am a big fan of,” he said. “He was yelling and accusing her of being a slut and a whore and screaming that she would be better off dead.

"I knew something terrible was happening and then things went silent until I heard the gunshots," Puga added.

Shortly after the murder, Severiano fled the scene in a neighbor’s car. He was later apprehended and police discovered four handguns, a shotgun and a bullet proof vest in his possession. He’s facing life in prison.

Sources: Globo, Daily Mail

Image via Facebook, The Daily Mail


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