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Man Beats Woman, Stuffs Her Into Car Trunk (Video)

An unidentified man was caught on video (below) beating a woman and shoving her into the trunk of a car while bystanders watched in Huanghua, China.

In the video, witnesses yell at the man as he repeatedly slaps the woman, who is fighting to get out of the trunk, but no one physically tries to stop him, notes RT.

Eventually, the man slams the trunk shut with the woman inside. 

The woman was found later by police in Cangzhou.

The woman told authorities she didn't suffer any injuries and the man in question was her husband. She reportedly did not press charges and wanted to reconcile with her abusive spouse.

Social media users in China were outraged at the bystanders for not stopping the man. Some thought the witnesses should be fined for their inaction. Others thought the man should have been charged because of the video evidence, despite the woman opting not to press charges.

In March, China instituted a domestic violence law banning "[p]hysical, psychological and other harm inflicted by family members, including beating, restraint, injury or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, recurring verbal threats and abuse," the Chinese government-controlled media reported, according to Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera reporter Adrian Brown noted at the time:

From today victims of domestic abuse will be able to go to court to seek a restraining order that could force the abuser to move out of the home. A judge will have 72 hours to make a ruling. But critics say the legislation still doesn't go far enough, since it fails to outlaw marital rape and doesn't place enough emphasis on health and social services

Under the new law, cops are supposed to respond when domestic abuse has been reported, bring a halt to the abuse, gather evidence and assist the victims in getting medical care.

The intent of the law is to encourage victims to take perpetrators to court and break the social stigma of domestic abuse in the country.

Sources: RT, Al Jazeera / Photo Credit: Keyword Suggestions

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