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Man Reportedly Attacks Lover's Husband For Disturbing Them During Sex


A Zimbabwean man beat his lover’s husband for allegedly disturbing the two during sex. 

According to Worldwide Weird News, police in Douglasdale, Zimbabwe, arrested Thembani Ncube and Thomas Sibanda for attacking 53-year-old Emlothi Mlilo.

On October 19, Mlilo had reportedly returned from work to find that his wife, Trephine Sibanda, was not home, and proceeded to go to Ncube’s home after suspecting him of having an affair with his wife, reports Nehanda Radio.

Mlilo arrived at the home to find Ncube having sex with his wife. The two men reportedly fought, and Mlilo ran out of the home with Ncube’s cellphone.

Ncube then called Sibanda, a friend of his, and they ran after the husband before catching up to him and proceeding to beat him, reports Worldwide Weird News.

Mlilo suffered a swollen head and broken ribs in the attack. The two men were arrested after Mlilo filed a complaint with police. 

During questioning, Ncube admitted to beating Mlilo because he disturbed the affair. 

Sources: Worldwide Weird News, Nehanda Radio / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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