Man Attacked After Being Caught Strangling Goat While Having Sex With It


A man in South Africa was arrested and charged with bestiality after being caught strangling a goat while having sex with it.

According to reports, a shepherd in Sharpeville, South Africa, heard a goat crying and began to investigate. He subsequently walked in on the suspect, naked and having sex with the goat while choking it. 

The shepherd immediately alerted residents in the local community, who rushed to the scene and began to beat the suspect. Police later arrived and brought the suspect to the hospital where he was treated for injuries sustained in the assault.

The SPCA reported that the goat was found dead, and pledged that the suspect would not be granted bail upon appearing in court. 

“Animals are not sexual commodities and this is a sick and barbaric crime that took place,” the organization said. 

Sources: Worldwide Weird News, News 24

Photo Credit: Wikipedia


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