Man Arrested For Stealing Electricity After Charging iPhone On Train

Robin Lee was arrested on July 10 for using a plug on a London train to charge his iPhone.

Lee told the London Evening Standard that a police community support officer approached him on the train:

She said I'm abstracting electricity.

She kept saying it's a crime.

We were just coming into the station, and there happened to be about four police officers on the platform.

She called to them and said "This guy's been abstracting electricity, he needs to be arrested."

Lee claimed that police officers handcuffed him, took him to a police station and de-arrested him.

A British Transport Police (BTP) spokesman confirmed the general points of Lee's version of the story, but added, "He was further arrested for unacceptable behavior and has been reported for this offense."

The BTP plan to review the behavior before giving the case to a prosecutor who will decide if Lee will be charged with any crimes.

CNET asked the BTP if charging your cell phone is really a crime on the trains.

A BTP spokesperson said, "The rules around using plug sockets on trains vary according to train operators."

Sources: London Evening Standard,CNET
Image Credit: Senseiich


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