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Man Arrested By Police During Live TV Newscast In Australia (Video)

Reporter Aislin Kriukelis was doing a live broadcast today outside police headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, when an unidentified man was arrested.

Kriukelis was reporting for Channel Nine's TODAY program when the man yelled into her camera (video below).

Kriukelis kept her composure as the cops dragged the screaming man away.

"Yeah, they are clearly arresting someone here, Sylvia, so we'll find out what's happening," Kriukelis told news anchor Sylvia Jeffreys.

A police spokeswoman told The Sydney Morning Herald that the man was acting agitated inside the police station so the officers were moving him.

The man was charged with obstruction and being a public nuisance.

Sources: Channel Nine, The Sydney Morning Herald
Image Credit: Channel Nine Screenshot


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