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Man Accused Of Raping, Murdering Own Mother While High On Cocaine

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A man in England was in court on charges of raping and murdering his own mother after torturing her.

Alexander McDonald, 27, says he did not murder his mother Catherine, 57, though he does admit to manslaughter.

According to the Mirror, the court was told he got into a state of “sexual excitement” before he stabbed and strangled his mother to death. Alexander also allegedly got drunk and high on cocaine before coming to his mother’s home near Somerset in September.

“The evidence suggests she was attacked while she was in bed asleep,” said prosecutor Simon Laws. “It was a surprise attack. She stood no chance against her 27-year-old son who is well over 6 feet tall.”

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According to Laws, Alexander “used at least three and in all probability four weapons against her.” A kitchen knife was discovered in a bathroom sink and investigators claimed he used it to stab his mother in the chest twice.

Alexander also allegedly strangled his mother with an electric power cable that was discovered around her neck when she was found.

On her neck were also a series of small cuts caused by a pair of nail scissors as well as wounds apparently administered with knitting needles — one of which was still in her neck.

According to a pathologist, she was still alive when this happened.

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Laws claimed Alexander used scissors to “force her to submit to a sexual assault.”

A condom was also discovered, as well as DNA evidence on the mother, court records show.

Alexander later reportedly fled using his mother’s car. Prosecutors say he took his passport and emptied her purse.

He was arrested when he crashed the vehicle and flipped it near Devon.

He also reportedly texted an ex-girlfriend informing her that he would soon either be dead or behind bars.

When informed of his mother’s rape, Alexander acted surprised. He later admitted to manslaughter though Laws insists that it was murder.​

“He knew perfectly well what he had done,” said Laws."He was acting in a purposeful and deliberate manner,” he continued. “He has no one else to blame for the state he was in.”

Source: The MirrorMetro

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