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Man Accused Of Blowing Up Fireworks Store (Video)

A man was arrested for allegedly blowing up a fireworks store in Hanzhong, China, on Jan. 21 with fireworks (video below).

According to the state run CCTV, which posted the video on YouTube, the store explosion destroyed several surveillance cameras, but some footage survived.

Police believe the fire was man-made, and arrested a suspect with the last name of Li.

The cops say that Li bought some fireworks from the store, and lit the devices on fire while drunk.

The fire spread from the store to a motorbike store, where more than 30 bikes were damaged.

Li allegedly illegally stored 259 sets of fireworks at his home.

On the video, people are seen fleeing the store, but no one was killed.

Thirty-three people were killed, and 46 were hospitalized, during a chain-reaction explosion at a fireworks market in Tultepec, Mexico, in December 2016, noted the Associated Press.

Juana Antolina Hernandez, who ran a stand at the San Pablito Market, was able to escape the explosions, but was looking for her dad the next day.

"I can't find my father, and my mother is very badly burned," Hernandez stated. "I am waiting here for them to tell me if my father is here, but up to this point, nothing."

The fireworks market was stocked for the holiday season when the massive explosions hit for the third time since 2005; there were similar explosions in 2005 and 2006.

It was not clear at the time who was responsible, but one vendor, Refugio Leon, said that sellers often illegally stack bottle rockets and firecrackers outside their stalls.

"Everybody did it," Leon stated.

According to city officials, the stalls included fire extinguishers, sand, trained personnel and shovels.

The AP reported that the explosions happened so fast that vendors and customers hardly had time to search for the equipment.

According to Mexico State chief prosecutor Alejandro Gomez, some of the victims were burned so badly that investigators could not tell their ages or gender.

Tultepec Mayor Armando Portuguez Fuentes insisted that fireworks sales were important:

This is part of the activity of our town. It is what gives us identity. We know it is high-risk, we regret this greatly, but unfortunately many people's livelihoods depend on this activity.

Sources: CCTV+/YouTube, Associated Press via Chicago Tribune / Photo Credit: ali graney/Flickr

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