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School Investigated After Teacher Tied Up Young Student's Hands

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A teacher in Malaysia may face the consequences after she allegedly tied up a student, which left bruises on the child’s hands and wrists.

An investigation is currently being conducted by the Penang Education Department as they look into the matter of child abuse in the primary school, Malaysian Digest reports.

The student allegedly had her hands tied up by the teacher in response to her taking a classmate’s eraser. She was told that she could not untie her hands even when she needed to go to the bathroom.

The incident took place at the Sungai Nibong school, according to The Star.

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The girl's 25-year-old mother, Chan, said she reported the incident to the police after discovering the bruises.

“I noticed the injury when I went to pick her up at 6:40 PM on Monday,” the mother told The Star. “She managed to free herself before school ended.”

The mother does not believe the punishment was fit for the alleged crime.

“Is the offence [sic] so serious that my daughter had to be tied up?” Chan said. “Most children are mischievous but that does not mean they had to be punished in such a way.”

The mother reportedly refused the apology of the headmistress, denying her request to set up a meeting with the girl’s teacher. The girl is no longer attending the school at this time.

Source: Malaysian Digest, The Star

Photo Credit: Imgur, The Star


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