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Poll: Many Europeans Agree With Muslim Ban

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While controversy over President Donald Trump's executive order on travelers from Muslim countries continues to rage in the U.S., sentiment abroad is markedly different. A new poll of Europeans from 10 different countries found many Europeans are in favor of stopping immigration from Muslim countries.

The survey, published Feb. 7 by Chatham House, polled 10,000 people from 10 European countries. The poll asked people if immigration from predominantly Muslim countries should be stopped.  

In all but two states, most agreed with a ban, with 71 percent in Poland, 65 percent in Austria, 53 percent in Germany and 51 percent in Italy to 47 percent in the United Kingdom and 41 percent in Spain. No country's residents disagreed with the ban by more than 32 percent.

The report notes opposition to Muslim immigrants is especially high in Austria, Poland, Hungary, France and Belgium.

"In each of these countries, at least 38% of the sample ‘strongly agreed’ with the statement," the report says. "With the exception of Poland, these countries have either been at the [center] of the refugee crisis or experienced terrorist attacks in recent years."

A 2016 Pew survey found similar results.

A majority in five European countries had unfavorable views of Muslims living in their countries: 72 percent in Hungary, 69 percent in Italy, 66 percent in Poland, 65 percent in Greece and 50 percent in Spain. Meanwhile, in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, the disapproval was below 30 percent.

In the U.S., public opinion on Trump's ban is less certain. According to Gallup, in a poll released Feb. 2, 55 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump's ban. Of those polled, 58 percent disapprove of indefinitely blocking Syrian refugees from entering the U.S.

Sources: Chatham House, Gallup / Photo credit: Freedom House/Flickr

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