Magician Impales Hand In Magic Trick Gone Wrong (Photos)


A magician impaled his hand on a 6-inch nail in a magic trick gone wrong.

Kyle Wallace was performing at a theater in London, England, on Nov. 5 when he attempted an act in which he puts a nail in a bag, poking it through a block of wood. 

The audience is instructed to choose one of three bags, two of which contain items similar to the nail, that he slams his hand on. 

Upon attempting the trick at the West Ham Theater, Wallace hit the wrong bag and impaled himself through the palm with the large nail.

“There was no drop of blood at all because the nail had sealed the wound,” he said. 

“As I raised my hand I brought the bag up with it. It was a nightmare. I wanted to take away as much of  the negative experience for the audience that I could, so I told them it had gone wrong. Everyone looked in horror at that one point and one guy at the front even burst into tears. I told everyone to get their phones out so they could take a picture.”

The magician said he posed for several pictures with audience members before being taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The nail was embedded in his right hand for 30 hours before it was removed, reports the Evening Standard. 

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“I’m already recovering very quickly. I can move my hand and make a fist but a fraction either side and it could have been very different. If my tendons had ripped it could have been a much longer recovery,” he said.

“It will never happen again — it has been emblazoned on my mind.”

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Sources: Evening StandardDaily Mail / Photo credit: Evening Standard

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