Madonna Sings 'Imagine' To Paris Crowd At Public Square (Video)


After performing a concert at the Bercy Arena on Dec. 9 in Paris, Madonna sang three songs at the Place de la Republique, a public square where people paid tribute to the 130 victims of the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks (video below).

Madonna, her 10-year-old son David and guitarist Monte Pittman led people in her songs "Ghosttown" and "Like a Prayer," as well as John Lennon's "Imagine," notes The Guardian.

“Everybody knows why we’re here," Madonna told bystanders. "We just want to sing a few songs about peace, just to spread love and joy, and to pay our honor and respect to the people who died almost four weeks ago."

"She wanted to pay tribute, she loves this city," Pittman told AFP. "It is magical. I will never forget this."

During her earlier concert, the pop singer told her audience, "We will not bend down to fear!"

"I think of what happened almost four weeks ago now," Madonna added. "The heart of Paris and the heart of France beats in the heart of each city."

Madonna reportedly sang the French national anthem, "La Marseillaise," while wrapped in the French flag.

Sources: The Guardian, AFP / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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