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Machine Turns Feces Into Drinking Water, Electricity In Poor Country (Video)

Bill Gates posted a video (below) earlier this year of himself drinking water, which was previously human feces from a sewage facility. Gates was promoting the Janicki Omniprocessor (JOP), a waste treatment machine that turns fecal matter into drinkable water.

The JOP was created by Janicki Bioenergy, which received funding from The Gates Foundation.

Janicki Bioenergy took the JOP (disassembled) to Dakar, Senegal, in February. The JOP was up and working in the African country by May, notes Wired.

Gates posted an update and a video (below) on his blog today:

So far, the results on all fronts have been promising. The JOP is working as predicted.

The partners in Dakar, especially the national sanitation utility, have been fantastic—you can see in the video how energetic and optimistic they are.

At every step, we’re learning and will incorporate what we find in future designs and operating plans. For example, the team is still looking at ways to make the JOP cheaper and smaller.

In the video, Dr. Mbaye Mbeguere, the program coordinator for the National Institute of Sanitation, explains how Dakar could not remove the pathogen (germs) from its sewage water, but with the JOP they are now able to "treat one third of the sludge in Dakar" and make "pathogen-free" drinking water, electricity and ash.

Sources: Wired, / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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