Macedonian Men Wanted For Beating Wolf, Forcing It To Smoke Cigarettes (Video)


A group of Macedonian men who captured a wolf and were caught on video (shown below) abusing it are wanted by the police.

The video shows the captured wolf tied to a tractor with a man in a red shirt repeatedly punching it, then forcing it to smoke cigarettes.

The footage was allegedly filmed in Karbinci in eastern Macedonia, Daily Mail reports. It shows the animal looking terrified, but unable to escape. 

The man in the red shirt grabs the wolf by the neck and shoves cigarettes in its nose. He then lights the cigarettes and forces the wolf to smoke. While this is happening, the group of men are loudly laughing and joking about it.

A group of animal rights activists called Anima Mundi released the footage in hopes that it will get the men involved thrown in jail.

"This is the image of a sadist who wants to show what a man he is by beating a defenseless animal," a statement released by Anima Mundi said. 

The footage, along with a complaint, has been filed with authorities. The men have reportedly been identified by police, but their identities have not been released. 

Warning: Disturbing Content

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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