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Lynch Mob Kills Man Who Allegedly Beheaded Child

Nanu Mirdha, a tea plantation laborer from Tarajuli, India, was lynched by a mob after he allegedly beheaded a 5-year-old boy in Assam, India.

Mirdha reportedly had a fight with his neighbor and then dragged his neighbor’s son, Sanatan Bagh, into his home. Mirdha then beheaded the boy and hacked his body up using a machete, according to Sonitpur Superintendent of Police Sanjukta Parasor. 

Upon learning of Sanatan’s death, a mob of neighbors approached Mirdha in his home and lynched him, beating him to death. 

Although some news outlets reported that Mirdha killed the boy as a sacrifice to a Hindu god or that he practiced dark magic, Parasor disputed that claim. “We have no such report,” she said, adding that Mirdha frequently fought with his neighbors and was a “reformed drunkard who had started concentrating in spiritual activities.”

An unnamed police source told the Odisha Sun Times that “we are trying to ascertain if there is any enmity between the family of Mirdha and the victim,” and added that security in the area had been increased.

Although no one has been arrested in connection with Mirdha’s lynching, police said they’re using video footage to identify members of the mob that killed him.

Sources: Odisha Sun Times, International Business Times, Indian Express

Image via Daily Mail


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