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Tennis Player Cuts Her Hair Mid-Match, Wins (Video)

Russian tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova cut part of her hair off in between games during her third set against Polish player Agnieszka Radwanska at the WTA Finals women's singles match in Singapore on Oct. 24 (video below).

According to, Kuznetsova is ranked No. 7 in the world, and is a former 2004 US Open champion and 2009 French Open champion.

Kuznetsova sat down between games, pulled out some scissors and began cutting a good-sized portion of her ponytail off.

WTA announcer Alicia Molik opined on the unusual strategy: "I can think of two reasons: one, she’s feeling heavy on the court and taking a bit of weight off, or potentially it’s just really at an awkward length where it’s clearly disturbing her."

After winning the first set 7-5 and losing the second set 1-6, Kuznetsova (sans some of her hair) came back to win the third set 7-5 and with it, the match.

"At some point, I was ready to let it go and just lay on the court and let them take me out of here," the 31-year-old Russian said during an interview after the match, notes CNN. "But I was just trying to stay in there and hang in there."

Kuznetsova made it into the WTA tournament after winning the Kremlin Cup in Moscow on Oct. 22. The champ then flew 5,000 miles to Singapore to compete.

When asked how she won after some serious jet lag, Kuznetsova replied, "Just playing every point."

And the impromptu haircut?

"I was trying to put it behind my headband, but my hair is very thick and heavy," Kuznetsova explained. "In the end, when I was hitting the forehands, every time I would hit a good shot... it would hit my eye every time and I was struggling. I thought, 'Okay, what's more important now - my hair which I can let grow or the match?'"

Radwanska, who was not aware her opponent had hacked off some hair, joked after the game: "Good thing she didn't cut anything else."

Sources:, CNN / Photo credit: WTA/YouTube

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