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London Synagogue Stormed, 'We Will Kill You' Screamed Attackers

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In what police have described as an "anti-Semitic" attack, a London synagogue was invaded on Sunday which resulted in the arrest of six people. 

According to police, the attackers were a group of drunk men and women leaving a party. They reportedly attempted to get into a synagogue in North London in the early hours of Sunday. 

The situation escalated when those inside the synagogue refused to let them enter. 

The altercation ended with one man being punched in the face while trying to stop the attackers and superficial damage done to the outside of the synagogue.

The six attackers -- four men and two women -- were arrested for "public order offences and assault," according to the BBC News. Officers said that one man had even made an anti-Semitic comment.

"The incident is being treated as an anti-Semitic incident, due to remarks made by one of the group," said a Metropolitan Police spokesman.

"At this early stage, there is no suggestion that this was a far-right or extremist attack but rather the completely unacceptable actions of a drunken group," he continued. 

Rabbi Maurice Davis of the Ahavas Torah Synagogue told reporters, "I think this incident was more anti-social than anti-Semitic."

He went on to say that the area in North London was a good place for Jews to live, with little tension between the religious group and others in the neighborhood.

The man who was punched in the face did not require hospital treatment. 

Source: BBC News

Photo Credit: NBC News, CBS News


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